Natural Health Sherpa Scam

natural health sherpa scam

Natural Health Sherpa Scam: How It Works

Watch out for the Natural Health Sherpa Scam, which is happening this week. If you just received an invoice referencing the company and asking you to pay money, do not. Let’s look into this case, as Medicare scams are also increasing. The Natural Health Sherpa scam is now trending in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Let’s see.

Below is a screenshot of the Natural Health Sherpa invoice:

natural health sherpa

Fake Natural Health Sherpa Invoice of $240

This week, more people reported a Natural Health Sherpa invoice that hit their inboxes. “I have been trying to reach to Natural Health Sherpa and do not answer. On the other hand, I canceled everything last year, and they send an invoice. I would like if someone could respond”, says Andrea Buchsbaum on Twitter.

All the complaints are coming from the countries listed above, so if you live in any of them, feel free to report the Natural Health Sherpa scam to the Federal Trade Commission. See below how to do it.

Natural Health Sherpa Reviews Are All Complaints

Natural Health Sherpa has gotten tons of negative reviews. According to the BBB complaints, there are tons of red flags about this organization. Here is one that comes from a victim called Inna W.:

“Natural Health Sherpa is a scam company. Their products seem desirable, but they will upcharge and up-sell your product after product and will charge your card for each one right away before you agree to purchase them. There is no way to navigate on their site to see if anything is pending in your cart. There is no access to any info like that at all.”

“You can’t see the product cost they are up-selling you on. There is no confirmation number or order number for any products they have unfortunately already charged you for. You never get to see shipping and handling charges, items you purchased, the total cost of any of it, and whether those are Reoccurring charges.”

“They will charge your card without authorization. Bank of America blocked them from withdrawing $100.99 out of my account that I had not authorized. This was going to be a reoccurring charge.”

Natural Health Sherpa reviews are all negative. On the Better Business Bureau’s official page, all 28 reviews are actual complaints. Which naturally made people report the Natural Health Sherpa scam.

natural health sherpa invoice


Suspicious Checkouts

Here is another complaint that’s worth mentioning from Annacarrie A.:

“I confirmed one order for $47. I was not offered a final review and order confirmation. Instead was routed to a series of add-on options. No opt out offered until all the videos are reviewed. At this point, I had not given final permission for ANY charges. The opt-out option contains language which requires women to make negative affirmations about themselves.”

Annacarie continues:

“Then they are routed to the next add on video and another similarly demoralizing negative affirmation “opt-out.” Only after going through the full spiel for all add ons and demoralizing outs do you get an opportunity to do a final review and approval for your purchase. Which, despite having only added the initial $47 program to the cart and the $9.95 audiobook, my order was listed at $319.”

“There is no opportunity to edit the order. I closed out entirely and DID NOT CONFIRM any of those add ons because I didn’t want them. I disapproved of them. They CHARGED ME WITHOUT my approval. That is a fraud.”

“They could not explain why the cart defaulted to the additional items that were added in. The company would not explain why the “no thank you” opt-out links were so demoralizing. They certainly did not explain why the site retained my alleged order without my approval. Also, they did not explain why they processed a charge for items I never approved nor added.”

“This company, despite electing to opt-out, added items to order, and despite not approving the order, they submitted it. I’m very upset.”

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Natural Health Sherpa: How To Report a Scammer

Let your family and online friends know about the Natural Health Sherpa scam by sharing this article. You could also officially report criminals and any other suspicious activities to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

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  1. Missy says:

    I just received an email invoice from them for $240 as well. Never heard of them. I am ignoring it.

  2. Linda Pezdirtz says:

    YEs I got that email. no clue who these guys are. But maybe I looked at one and then changed my mind. Back erased my info. Then clicked out. Sent them an email separate from the email received with account # that claimed to be a bill due on Dec 17 2020 I got it on Dec 15 2020 in an email. All I said, you guys are a scam, I have no idea with this charge of $240 is for. Asked for a full name for this account as they only had my email name. Did not sign with my real name, just used my email like they had used to send me that bill. It is crazy, and why do they do this. Evil is among us. I will report it.

  3. Joe Smith says:

    I received a invoice in an email from Natural Health Sherpa LLC for $240.00. I’ve never heard of this Company or seen any advertisements from this company.

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